Lavender Bath Bomb Kit - LAST ONE!

Lavender Bath Bomb Kit - LAST ONE!

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Annd relax....

Learn how to make lavender bath bombs with this lovely relaxing kit. Easy and quick to make, this can be an addictive craft to learn!

Make your bath bombs, leave them 24 hours, then unwind & enjoy a lovely bath.

This kit includes everything you need to make 4 lavender bath bombs, perfect to keep for yourself – or gift, if you’re feeling generous…

Inside the kit you'll find:
- 2 x 200g Sodium Bicarbonate
- 2 x 100g Citric Acid
- 2 x 100g Epsom Salts
- Lavender oil for cosmetic use
- Dried lavender
- Mineral pigment powder
- 2 x bath bomb mould sets
- 2 x wooden sticks
- Pipette
- Disposable gloves

These bath bombs smell wonderful and are a fabulous addition to any bathroom - making them the ideal gift for anyone in need of a pamper session! 

How long does it take?
Making the bath bombs themselves takes roughly 30 minutes, then simply leave them to dry for 24 hours and hey presto! You've made some soothing bath bombs.

What is Craftiosity?
We love crafting, we know it chills us out and makes us feel good. However, we're busy folks and we like things to be easy, especially when trying something new. We wanted craft kits with a contemporary vibe, we wanted variety and we wanted to make things we'd actually use. Voila, Craftiosity was born!

What’s inside the kits?
Each kit contains all the tools, materials and instructions to make a finished piece. All you'll need to supply are household basics such as scissors, a pencil or a ruler.

How much skill do I need?
We know you may not have explored a certain craft or process before - that's grand! Our step-by-step photo instructions and video tutorials will help you through.

If you're more of a free-styler, our instructions also include tips to make it your own way.

Our kits are designed for adults and can contain sharp elements / small pieces, but use your judgement if you plan to craft with your little ones.

Happy crafting!